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About us
Le Bon Plat Catering Services exists since 2003 and has been founded by Mr Maroam Jagdish. Mr Maroam has more than 30 years of career as a cook. He started his career as an ordinary worker in a restaurant in Port Louis in the 1970s. He was well aware of his promising career in the industry and was determined to become a chef. His creativity and love for the job greatly helped him in this achievement. As a youngster he did not delay to join the Mauritius Government Hotel and Catering Training School in 1975 to acquire professional knowledge in the field. His course greatly helped Mr Maroam and opened doors to several jobs in Mauritius.

From 1979 to 1982 he was the in charge cook in the cafeteria of Mauritius Institute of Education after which he was in charge of the cafeteria of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute at Moka. His talent was rapidly recognized in the local hotel industry. He started in Le Meridien hotel where he was chef cook of Indian cuisine and assistant chef cook of the European cuisine. After Le Meridien, Mr Maroam worked in several well known hotels such as Le Paradis, Blue Marlin and Brabant hotel.

The international career of Mr Maroam is not one that can be neglected. For two years he worked in Long Horn restaurant in Zambia after which he was called to work in the five star Le Hyatt hotel in Australia. There he participated in a competition comprising of chefs from several countries and his menu delighted the jury for which he was awarded a prize. He was also sent to London by Le Meridien hotel to promote the Mauritian cuisine in Dorchester Hotel. Apart from that he visited Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore where he came to know about the most modern kitchen equipment. Mr Maroam several times also visited Reunion Island as a chef.

The setting up of Le Bon Plat Catering Services is a crucial step ahead in his career as it provides him with a new opportunity to show his individual ability of being an excellent cook and event organiser. Le Bon Plat Catering aims at becoming the leading catering company of the island in the near future. The founder strongly believes that customer care is as important as providing the client with a delicious menu. From preparation to presentation, every detail is taken care of at Le Bon Plat Catering so that clients rest assured that the best is being delivered to them.